aluminium oxide mounted point

Product Data:

 Name Aluminium Oxide Mounted Point
 Material Aluminium Oxide
Mandrel Diameter 2.35 / 3 / 6mm
 Grit 24# – 1200#
 Shape Round head, Taper head etc
TypeDxH(mm) Box / PcsCtn / Pcs
A119 x 6470560
A225 x 32100800
A325 x 7050400
A3S16 x 451501200
A432 x 3280640
A519 x 292001600
A1122 x 5070560
A1217 x 321601280
A2125 x 25100800
W19616 x 251601280
W20519 x 252001600
W22025 x 25100800

Aluminium Oxide Mounted Point adopts high strength composite metal as raw materials, these grinding bits are suitable for use in all hand drills and pillar drills etc. Various shapes and grades make sure you have the right grinding piece for the job, such as cylindrical, oval cone, truncated cone, ball, hemispherical, butterfly etc.

Features of Aluminium Oxide Mounted Point

  • Low noise
  • Long service life
  • Reduce grinding time
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Diverse shapes and sizes
  • Long lasting

Aluminium Oxide Mounted Point is widely used for blending tools and molds, deburring and enlarging of holes, fettling of castings and many other operations where removal of excess material is required.
Aluminium Oxide Mounted Point also used for internal and external of bearing, small cylinder, compressor parts, injection nozzle parts, gear parts etc.

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