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Manufacturer of Oil Stone and Mounted Point in China.

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Company profile

Established in 2002, Tianjin Guanghua Abrasives Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Oil Stone and Mounted Point.

  • With advanced equipments, perfect craftsmanship, scientific quality control system and high quality materials, Tianjin Guanghua Abrasives Manufacturing Co., Ltd is in the position to provide you with various Oil Stone, Mounted Point and other related Abrasive tools with our high production capacity.
  • With more than 10 years of experience in global trade, our main clients are in Europe(48%), South America and North America(32%), other markets(20%). Our average production output is 6 million pcs/month for Mounted Point, 1 million pcs/month for Oil Stone.
  • In 2012, Guanghua Abrasives became the market leader in China.With 268 Employees, we have been exporting to 35 countries all over the world.
  • Tianjin Guanghua Abrasives Manufacturing Co., Ltd specializes in OEM and ODM services for our customers. We always meet customers’ various requirements with original design, competitive price & fast delivery.
  • In August, 2015, we set up our sales company named “Jingle Abrasives Limited”, which mainly handles the export business for international market.

We are committed to manufacturing unique Abrasive tools that meet and exceed your needs. With professional customer service team, we are here to provide superior products and service, to ensure that we have whatever our customers need, whenever they need it.